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Only7seconds is a mindset movement challenging individuals to use their abilities to intentionally fight against isolation.

If you are struggling with suicidal thoughts please reach out to the national hotline at:


Behind every photo we see, are we truly looking at the reality of how our lives are real and raw? Media and technology are having greater and greater effects on our lives, both positively and negatively. Teens and adults alike are known to spend hours on phones, ipads, tablets, and laptops. 

It is frequently said that they aimlessly scroll through Facebook, send Snapchats, and look at Instagram that entire time, yet many teens have acknowledged that they often don’t use their phones for any other purpose other than for entertainment. Phone and social media usage is becoming an addiction to many, causing various underlying issues that no one likes to talk about.
Numerous studies have shown that the ever increasing usage of cell phones actually leads to anxiety, depression, and a feeling of isolation.

In 2018 alone, teens spent a shocking average of nine hours a day online.

What do we do?




Remember that time when you felt like disappearing and were sure no one would even notice? That moment was real.
So real, that millions are experiencing the same moments of hopelessness in their daily lives. Your story is important. 
Isolation, depression and anxiety are real, and they have a bigger effect on our lives than we realize.
It only takes seven seconds. Send one simple message. You could impact their life, forever.



Find opportunities to spread hope in your everyday. Become a part of a movement dedicated to inspiring others to reach out, acknowledge the need, and send a message. It only takes seven seconds to encourage someone and change their day, their life, their perspective. #only7seconds

"You are not alone."

"you were made for a purpose."

"You Can Make a Difference."

"Your story is meant to be shared."

"You matter"

"It's okay to not be okay"

"you are an important part of this world."

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