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Only7Seconds is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit addressinG youth loneliness by encouraging and empowering individuals & partners to connect with others who matter in their lives.


Through community events, business partnerships, media production, speaking engagements, and other various campaigns and activities, we advocate for change by raising awareness of loneliness and the importance of intentional connection.

Advocacy & Awareness

A school and youth program that inspires intentional connection and encourages those that feel lonely. We equip teachers to create an environment where meaningful conversations take place and students learn skills to address loneliness and connect with others.

The connection curriculum

The Ambassador Program equips those who are passionate about starting conversations that matter by reminding them to intentionally connect with their people and inspire & activate their communities.

The ambassador program

By sharing stories, we remind people that they are not alone in their experiences and provide opportunities for connection. The I Know Lonely project shares personal stories of loneliness and connection through visual and audio content.

The I know lonely project

what we do

Address the youth and young adult loneliness epidemic by reaching and empowering 500,000 youth and young adults (ages 8-24).

our strategic priority

view our 3 year strategic priority 

Nearly 8 in 10 (79%) of Gen Zers are lonely, making Generation Z, the loneliest generation.

view our 3 year strategic priority

Youth & young adults is our key focus for the next three years. Youth are the loneliest demographic in the US. Youth is where our story began. It is where there is the largest need.

every person matters.

every individual has impact.

everyone needs connection.

We recognize the dignity of each person and the innate value they bring through their beliefs, culture, heritage and abilities.

Whatever your circle of influence, everyone has the ability to positively impact others.

No one is immune to the need for human connection. It is vital to our health and well-being. 

about Individuals.

about loneliness. 

About Our Work.

The solution to loneliness is connection.

The importance of empathy.

the power of stories.

Loneliness can have a profound impact on life. Solving loneliness begins by intentional, meaningful connection. Connection is a basic human need. 

Showing up with compassion creates the ability to see others and help others feel seen. Empathy is critical to meaningful connection. 

Stories move us toward empathy. Stories connect us together. Stories remind us that we are not as alone as we may feel. 

about Individuals.

about loneliness. 

About Our Work.

we create

with excellence.

we engage

with courage and boldness.

we participate

with respect and joy.

we support

a culture of belonging and community.

about Individuals.

about loneliness. 

About Our Work.

Executive Director

Director of Operations

Mission Officer

meet our staff

luke wall

denise waters

Marcia Mullett

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Director of Development

Katlyn Straub slone

Schools Coordinator

Eric Driessen

tori carpenter

North Central Washington Program Coordinator

Ashton moody

I Know Lonely Podcast Editor

izzy boring

Student Athelite at Corban University, Only7Seconds Intern

 cooper waters

Student at Arizona State University, Only7Seconds Intern

meet our support staff

Donna Lindsay



Abraham Sculley


Jay kalka


Philanthropy & Community Engagement Manager

Mental Health Professional & Healthcare Innovator

Business Executive

Business Executive & Consultant

Educational Consultant & Mental Health Advocate

Founder of Pura Vida Foundation

Business Owner & Real Estate Agent

meet our board

kasley killam

Dr. Angela Hunglemann

Steven Michael Crane

MHP, Social Health & Connection Expert, Social Health Labs Founder

Research Scholar with The Boundaries of Humanity project and Behavior Design Lab, Stanford University

PhD, Adolescent Psychologist specializing in Pediatric Neuropsychology 


Dr. Jennifer best

Associate Professor of Medicine and Associate Dean, University of Washington School of Medicine

“The work Luke and Only7Seconds are doing to address the loneliness epidemic is so important, as loneliness is only getting worse with each generation."

David Siegel, CEO of Meetup

“Only7Seconds has responded to the universal human experience of loneliness. Through this program’s deeply needed mission, individuals are both reminded that they are not alone and empowered to address a friend or family’s loneliness themselves."

Pathlight Behavioral Health & Eating Recovery Centers

“I continued to be impressed and inspired by the very important work Only7Seconds is doing in our region’s communities. Their resources are exactly what we need right now! I am happy to support their work and know it is instrumental in saving lives.”

Representative Mike Steele, 12th District of Washington State

"What a great and simple idea... only 7 seconds to lift someone's spirit! Loneliness can happen to all of us no matter the age. This program is practical and easy so anyone can brighten someone's day and enjoy the rewarding feeling that comes with it."

 Jesus Hernandez, CEO of Family Health Centers

"Only7Seconds is actively fighting loneliness by encouraging people to use whatever is at their disposal to reach out and to let people know they are not alone. We all are longing for hope and seeking to belong. Only7Seconds is a powerful movement that is reminding the world of the truth - there is hope and you do belong."

Taylen, Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Our story so far...

In 2018, Ethan Wall was unexpectedly bedridden with a sickness for nearly a month. During that time, friends and family didn’t reach out and check in on him. It led to loneliness and then depression. After a few weeks, his mom Kristin asked “How long does it take to send the text: ‘I care about you.’ or ‘How are you doing?’? How long does it take to dial a phone number and hit send?” Going out to the kitchen table, she timed it– only 7 seconds

After years of working with youth in a separate non-profit, Kristin recognized the pain of loneliness through life experiences of anxiety, depression, eating disorders, addiction, trauma, and suicide. Recognizing how seven seconds of intentionality could make a difference was the beginning of Only7Seconds. A simple text, smile, handwritten note, a t-shirt, a sign, or a post-it note are ordinary acts that make an extraordinary difference.

From there, Kristin began working with youth through school assemblies and events and community outreach. Community partners and schools began to support the message of Only7Seconds and increase awareness of loneliness and the simplicity of making connections. In 2020, COVID-19 hit the entire world. Isolation, mandatory lock-downs and social distancing pushed loneliness further into the public conversation. Multiple youth suicides in Washington State, where Only7Seconds is located, emphasized the urgent and crucial need for conversation around loneliness and connection.

Only7Seconds rapidly grew into a 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in Chelan, Washington. Kristin served as a board member, staff and now volunteer & advisory, while her oldest son, Luke, serves as the Executive Director. Over the last three years, Only7Seconds has served primarily as an awareness campaign regarding loneliness and social isolation. Our message has been heard by hundreds of thousands of individuals through SHARE Days (7th of each month), Ambassadors (our most ardent supporters), the I Know Lonely Project, merchandise, yard signs, partnerships, and more. We have stories of hundreds of lives impacted and many lives saved as a result of our work. In May of 2023, the US Surgeon General published an advisory about the epidemic of loneliness. Despite no longer having a worldwide pandemic and lockdowns, rates of loneliness remain critically high. Thankfully, dozens of individuals and groups are beginning to raise the alarm of this issue and responding to the US Surgeon General’s call.

Following the advisory, the Only7Seconds team embarked on a journey to determine the future of Only7Seconds. Instead of being broad and shallow, we have determined that narrowing the depth of our focus towards youth and young adults is the most important priority. Youth are the loneliest demographic in the United States. We have programming with early evidence of effectiveness. Our story came from youth and is centered around youth.

Photo: Kristin Wall and her son, Ethan

our story

Luke has a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Whitworth University and Master’s in business from West Texas A&M University. After working in the corporate world, he transitioned to Special Olympics, where he saw firsthand the effects of social isolation in the intellectual disability community, especially during COVID. Luke has worked with nonprofit organizations for over a decade, with experience in management, program development, fundraising, finance, and partnership development. He joined Only7Seconds in January of 2021 as the Executive Director.

meet luke wall

executive director

Denise Waters is an experienced educator who has served students in urban, rural and suburban locations. As a building and district leader for the past decade, her expertise lies in building relationships that enhance social emotional learning. Prior to her career in education, Denise worked as a marketing and communications professional in both high tech and retail industries. Denise brings a passion for the work of ending loneliness as well as a skillset that ensures detailed operational acumen. 

meet Denise Waters

mission officer

Coming from a broad range of creative backgrounds, Marcia has always felt drawn to work in the nonprofit sphere. She primarily works in the day-to-day operations of Only7Seconds. Marcia joined the team in Spring 2020 after seeing the growing need for our message during the start of the pandemic. Whether she is designing materials, processing merchandise, managing social media channels, or overseeing program growth, there’s always a running task list and that is where she is the happiest. When she’s not working on the next thing on her list, you’ll find her adding to her podcast cue, or cooking up her latest food obsession in the kitchen.

Meet marcia mullett

Director of operations

With over a decade of both nonprofit consulting and staffing experience, Katlyn brings expertise in fundraising, strategic planning, communications, and development. Although her professional title is “Director of Development,” she prefers “Philanthropy Facilitator.” After discovering philanthropy comes from the Greek words philos (love) and anthropos (humankind), she realized her job was to facilitate the love of humans, a powerful force for good. Katlyn is passionate about making connections, building intentional relationships, and collaborating with others for positive impact in our global community. 

Meet Katlyn straub Slone

Director of development

Over the past 37 years in education, Eric has spent served as a jr/high school teacher, elementary principle, and district superintendent. Feeling frustrated with a variety of SEL curriculums (which are good and important, but often short lived), Eric decided to get involved with Only7Seconds. He believes the work Only7Seconds is doing with youth specifically provides a way to be proactive in attacking loneliness while maintaining a conversation about loneliness and connection at a sustainable level for longer periods of time. This is the reason Eric currently volunteers with O7S as the School Coordinator. Eric enjoys the outdoors and being with his high school sweetheart, Liz, their three children, Evynn, Eli, Easton, and his two grandchildren, Remington and Lane.

Meet Eric Driessen

schools coordinator

Tori joins the Only7Seconds team after a decade long tenure in higher education, specifically college athletics. After working in college athletics for the LSU system and most recently serving as the Associate Athletic Director at Eastern Washington University, she has transitioned to to Only7Seconds after seeing first-hand how loneliness is detrimental to our youth. Her passion is to see youth empowered and whole through transformational experiences. 
She holds a bachelor’s of science in Public Health and a master’s of science in Athletic Administration from Central Washington University. She joined the Only7Seconds team in October 2023 as the North Central Washington Program Coordinator. 

Meet Tori carpenter

North Central Washington Program Coordinator