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7 Ways to Bring Hope to Others During the Holidays

Tis the Holiday season! Many people are putting their lights and decorations up early this year, looking for a sign of hope and for something to look forward to during this crazy year. 

Some people dread this time of year as they are trying to cope with hardships in their life. Many try to escape. We want to challenge people to use their abilities to intentionally fight against isolation by spreading hope around the world. 

If you are looking for ways to bring hope to yourself or to spread hope to others here are 7 ways to spread some holiday spirit!

  1. Volunteer to ring the Salvation Army bell

This is a great way to raise money for the Salvation Army, as well as serving your community. Bring hope to people walking down the street by giving them a friendly “Happy Holidays”. Set up your own time by contacting your local Salvation Army. 

  1. Donate toys to underprivileged kids

There is no better feeling than the magic of giving. Think of all the boys and girls that might not get a gift this Christmas. YOU can make a child’s day! 

  1. Give to a charity 

Consider the charities in your community and ask yourself how you can help. Don’t be afraid to contact the organization and ask about opportunities. You can donate your time, money or gifts!

  1. Go Christmas Caroling 

Gather a group of youth and walk around your neighborhood, spreading the joy of Christmas. This is a fun activity and brings hope and joy to the ones you sing to. During the pandemic use your better judgement.

  1. Take flowers, cookies, or cards to senior citizens 

Again, during this pandemic, be smart. The pandemic should not stop this act of kindness. Many seniors cannot get out, so this is a great way to make their day. Writing a simple card to let them know that people are thinking of them will make their day. Bring some hope into their lives. 

  1. Mail care packages to family members

It is always fun to receive a surprise package. Family members that you may not be able to spend the holidays with will appreciate this. Whether it is toys for the little ones, something useful or even a card to let them know that you are thinking of them. 

  1. Play secret santa with a family in need

There are many families in every community that need a little help and hope. Spread the Christmas joy by purchasing a meal or gifts for a family.

Written by: Hailee Huddleston, Only7Seconds Team Member

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  1. I’m delighted you said there’s nothing more fulfilling than the magic of giving, so please consider all the children who might not receive gifts this Christmas. I will share this article with my husband immediately so he can help me pick out a child-based community service which we can give to this holidays. I think that this time of the years, we should be generous and have a humanitarian service we can help out as best as we can.