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Why we need you for 2021

Loneliness. Isolation. Depression. PTSD. Anxiety. Suicide. Mental Health. These are all words that we are all too acquainted with. More than likely it has directly or indirectly affected your life. These issues are quickly becoming an epidemic. They are words that we would rather not talk about and yet we need to make an effort to start conversations. . .now more than ever before. 

Only7Seconds started in 2019. The simple message to remember to stop scrolling and take 7 seconds to reach out to check in on someone. The premise is to quit “checking out” (numbing yourself on a screen) and actually “check in” on someone who might need a reminder that they matter and have purpose.


The first three months of 2020, before Covid became a reality, we were very active in our local schools with athletics, school clubs were being developed and assemblies were planned.

We also had the incredible opportunity to have a booth sharing about Only7Seconds at our State Basketball tournament where we were interviewed on local TV stations.

When Covid hit, we had to be creative in sharing our message and spreading hope. So. . . we created Hope Notes which were distributed in lunches for another local non-profit as well as schools. We did online school assemblies with four motivational speakers.

We launched our coffee-shop program where coffee shops across the nation (as well as in London!) participate on the 7th of every month.

We have spread over 1500 “Because You Matter” signs across the nation. When the wildfires hit in September, we collected over 800 letters and made 100 care packages that were delivered to firefighters in WA, CA and OR. In October, we focused on our teachers and made special care packages. And in November, we focused on promoting small businesses.

On social media, you will find that we have a very active instagram account where we share stories, encouragement and we are desiring to bring more education in the coming year. AND we finally launched our BLOG last week! 

Only7Seconds started in 2019 with the a message that is very needed in the climate of the country we are currently living today.  None of us could have prepared for the devastating effects for our mental health in 2020 and I believe that the collateral damage from fighting off physical sickness will be even more devastating in 2021.

That is why is is necessary that we continue to fight this battle and WE NEED YOUR HELP IN ORDER TO SPREAD THIS IMPORTANT MESSAGE. 

This can look many different ways:

  • Share our posts on social media. Like our posts on social media. Tag a friend in our posts on social media. Comment on our posts on social media. 
  • Share your own post on social media!  Share in person!
  • Share your own personal story with us. We would love to continue to share stories on our blog and social media in 2021! Check out Mario’s if you haven’t yet! 
  • Mark your calendar for the 7th of every month! This is our day! Our day that we stop to share the message!
  • If you have a local coffee shop that you love, share about our coffee shop pop-ups! 
  • Put a reminder in your phone to check in on someone everyday!
  • Support us financially. We are doing our first ever fundraiser the next week and we need money to cover our non-profit insurance, operating expenses, etc. Even $5 adds up! CLICK HERE TO DONATE!

We have many goals and opportunities in 2021 and we are expectant for a year of growth and expansion.

Will you join us in supporting us financially as we head into a new year full of need and of opportunities?

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