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Meet Lorie, the final storyteller of season 2 for the I Know Lonely Project. When her story took a different direction than she expected, Lorie found herself alone at the darkest point in her life. A friend reaching out with a simple message during a moment of crisis ended up changing the trajectory for her. […]

7SecondStories, I Know Lonely Project

May 1, 2024

Lorie’s Story

Growing up in a Mexican-American family of ten, Samael’s (Sammy) family has always been a core piece of him. He shares how he’s experienced loneliness as a high school student while embracing a society that is not tied to his culture of origin. He also shares about some of the challenges of “growing up” and […]

I Know Lonely Project

April 1, 2024

Sammy’s Story: I Know Lonely Project

Meet Abbi Hamlin, our season 2 storyteller for the I Know Lonely Project this month. As a middle school athlete, Abbi struggled with a severe eating disorder. Through her journey, she shares about the power of friendships in her story and how connecting with the right therapist changed her healing journey. Now, Abbi works as […]

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March 1, 2024

Abbi’s Story: I Know Lonely

Meet Tyler Bjork, our season 2 storyteller for the I Know Lonely Project this month. Understanding the deep hurt that comes from bullying and feeling unseen, Tyler shares his story of loneliness. His story explains how where we feel seen, where we feel accepted and where we feel belonging are often the places we can […]

I Know Lonely Project

February 1, 2024

Tyler’s Story: I Know Lonely Project

Meet Kevin Berthia, the first storyteller of 2024 for season 2 of the I Know Lonely Project. As a survivor of 22 suicide attempts, depression and a battle over mental health has always been a deep part of Kevin’s story. His journey hasn’t been an easy one, but Kevin lives life with hope. Kevin shared […]

7SecondStories, I Know Lonely Project, Podcast Episodes

January 1, 2024

Kevin’s Story: I Know Lonely

It’s quite fitting the first story we share after our announcement about our focus shifting to youth & young adults over the next 3 years is a story from a teenager! Meet Apuroopa Kavikondala. As an ambitious high school student, Apuroopa is a 5x self-published author and mental health advocate. In her video, she shares […]

I Know Lonely Project, Podcast Episodes

December 1, 2023

Apuroopa’s Story: advocating for mental health as a teenager, allowing friendships to evolve, and the impact of strong family relationships

Meet Mike Elvasky. Mike is 100 years old and we had the honor of hearing his story and gaining some of the wealth of wisdom he has to share. Whether it was his time serving in World War II, his many years as a farmer and orchardist, or his career as a teacher and educator, Mike shares with us what he has learned to value the most— friendship and generosity.

7SecondStories, I Know Lonely Project

November 1, 2023

Mike’s Story: why friendship & generosity is the biggest value in this 100 year old man’s story

Meet Kelly Lemon, a one-armed photographer and business woman and our second storyteller from SEASON 2 of the I Know Lonely Project. A near fatal car accident changed everything for 12 year old Kelly. After losing the use of her right arm, Kelly shares her story living with a physical disability. From being bullied in high school, […]

I Know Lonely Project, Podcast Episodes

October 1, 2023

Kelly’s Story: I Know Lonely

Coming from a childhood of adversity, Chris shares how he began striving for success by pursuing money, position, and relationships. But it was only when he gained understanding for the value of his story and the impact of healthy connections that he felt he was able to truly find success.

I Know Lonely Project

September 1, 2023

Chris’ Story: I Know Lonely Project

Lyndsey Sprinkle introduces herself as “an addict in long-term recovery.” She grew up in the Puget Sound area and came from a well-off family. When she was 15 years old, her boyfriend’s sister who was driving hit black ice on the pass between Wenatchee and Seattle. The vehicle went off the road, rolled into the river, and smashed into a tree. “They had to cut me out of the car with the jaws of life. I was in a coma and on life support and they airlifted me to Wenatchee Valley.”

I Know Lonely Project

May 1, 2023

Lyndsey’s Story: how a life changing accident led to addiction, the journey of recovery, and the importance of asking for help

Meet Lyndsey Sprinkle. When 15 year old Lyndsey experienced a near-fatal car accident, she was forced to start over, back to the basics of learning to walk and talk again. Due to the extent of her injuries, she began to get into hardcore pain management and before she knew it, addiction took over. After years in the cycle of addiction and drug dealing, she reached a point of desperation. While she’s walked through a difficult path to recovery, Lyndsey has found hope on the other side of addiction. She wants to use her story and experiences to remind others that they are not alone and that it’s okay to ask for help.

7SecondStories, I Know Lonely Project

May 1, 2023

Lyndsey’s Story: I Know Lonely Project